Van experiment naar werking

From Knowledge Graph Kunstenpunt

This wikibase started as an experiment on, but we are setting up this production environment at We have some work to be done, before everything is completely operational. Here are the work packages and tasks:

Finalise setup

  • User management > support needed from
    • how do we distinguish between people that can only consult the data
    • people that can contribute to the entities (create and edit entities, add statements, ... but no new properties)
    • people that can make new properties
    • superusers that can also work in the backend and so on
  • Are all the relevant packages installed and activated > mr henry / / kunstenpunt
  • ...

Metadata transfer

  • finalise the metadata transfer from the legacy databases to the wikibase > Tom should be able to handle this
  • identify how to map properties and entities to e.g. or > support needed from (what are the good practices here, automate this?)

Image transfer

  • also transfer the image files from the legacy databases to the wikibase > help professional wiki? Example REST api call?

Rich text transfer

  • also transfer the rich text fields from the legacy database to the wikibase > help professional wiki? Example REST api call? best approach for this, e.g. insite link?


  • create user friendly forms that accumulate a payload of (meta)data that can be sent to wikibase over the API
    • UX has already been done > mr henry
    • research if we need to build seperate html forms, or if we can use "Page Forms" in wikibase itself? Mr Henry / professional wiki?

  • create the SPARQL queries to extract the data from the wikibase so that the results can be visualised on > tom can do some, but might need some SPARQL help from
    • I'll be starting here
  • adjust the data management strategy at to handle wikibase > mr henry